Cereal Growth



Seedling 10 First leaf through celeoptile
  11 First leaf unfolded
  13 3 leaves unfolded
  15 5 leaves unfolded
Tillering 21 Main shoot and 1 tiller
  23 Main shoot and 3 tillers
  25 Main shoot and 5 tillers
  27 Main shoot and 7 tillers
  29 Main shoot and 9 or more tillers
Stem elongation 30 Ear at 1 cm (pseudostem erect)
  31 1st node detectable
  32 2nd node detectable
  33 3rd node detectable
  37 Tip of flag leaf visible
  39 Flag leaf blade all visible (ligule visible)
Booting 41 Flag leaf sheath extending
  43 Flag leaf sheath just visibly swollen
  45 Flag leaf sheath swollen
  47 Flag leaf sheath opening
Ear emergence 51 1st spikelet of ear just visible
  55 Half of ear emerged
  59 Ear completely emerged
Flowering 61 Start of flowering
  65 Flowering half-way
  69 Flowering complete
Milk development 71 Grain watery ripe
  73 Early milk
  75 Medium milk
  77 Late milk
Dough development 83 Early dough
  85 Soft dough
  87 Hard dough
Ripening 91 Grain hard (difficult to divide with thumbnail)
  92 Grain hard (not dented by thumbnail)
  93 Grain loosening in daytime

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