Inatreq active - Unique Robust Flexible

Unique, robust, and flexible are valuable attributes in crop protection products, and they are three words that accurately sum up the characteristics of new Inatreq™ active from Corteva Agriscience.

Inatreq active offers a new and unique site of action for curative and persistent protection against all Septoria strains. Using Corteva’s patented i-Q4 technology, it provides near 100% leaf coverage and is highly flexible in application, delivering robust, market-leading protection so you can secure your yield and the future of your farm.

So what are the characteristics of Inatreq active?

  • It is the first picolinamide to be registered in Ireland with a new site of action for broad spectrum disease control in cereals.
  • It offers robust control of Septoria, including isolates resistant to other sites of action.
  • It is an excellent broad-spectrum product as it also offers control of yellow and brown rust.
  • Our patented i-Q4™ technology brings flexibility to applications by helping compensate for the spray settings you may choose such as lower water volumes, faster forward speeds and the use of low drift nozzles.
  • As a new site of action, straight Inatreq active will be supplied with a carefully chosen partner product as it will need protecting from the development of resistance. Used in this way, Inatreq active itself will help protect the partner product from any further shifts in sensitivity