John Mulhare sets out a plan to strengthen crops for the season ahead and reduce stress on the plant in an effort to maximise yield potential.

He describes his plans for winter wheat and winter barley in the video below, and discusses our new product Incite.

Incite to increase root growth

Incite: Twin Biostimulant formulation of Phosphite & Pidolic Acid to promote Root Development & Early Season Growth. In turn, boosting the plant at the start of the season.

Apply Incite as far in advance of GS30 as possible to ensure that the roots can reach the nutrients and water supplies that they need.

Research data that shows that an early application of Incite can result in 63% more roots and, where that’s followed up with Uplift three weeks later, that extra root mass can reach up to 93%.

The data showed that subsequent shoot growth can increase by 32% with Incite and up to 50% when Incite is followed up with Uplift.