A water-soluble granule formulation containing 250 g/kg tribenuron methyl and 250 g/kg thifensulfuron methyl.

Recommended Crops For weed control in; Wheat, barley, oats, rye and triticale Rates and Timing Max use rate 60g/ha (3Ha/pack) applied up to GS.39, flag leaf ligule/collar just visible.

Why Cameo® MAX SX®?

  • Unique and patented SX formulation means that the chemical dissolves entirely into a solution, which increases the leaf contact stability and uptake into the weeds.
  • Unlike the older DF formulation, which created a less stable solution that was more prone to settling, it had inferior leaf contact and penetration characteristics, inferior rain fastness. It was more susceptible to reduced efficacy in higher pH mix water.
  • High loading of two proven chemicals: These two chemicals give broad-spectrum weed control over the range of economically important weeds in Irish crops.
  • Tank mix safety and security. When the season gets busy, when decisions are made on complex tank-mix options, Cameo MAX will not be a limiting factor in tank mixtures.
  • Versatile: Cameo MAX can be used on many crop cultivars, affording excellent crop safety and efficacy to all.
  • Value for money: Good and effective weed control leads to;
    • Clean crops, no competition for nutrients,
    • Clean grain sample, no quality penalties or false moisture readings because of seed
    • Maximise the combine output, optimum speeds without the header blades becoming tangled in green material, nor the sieve-tables becoming choke up and carrying the valuable grain out the back.